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The Lehman Brothers
Thanksgiving Day 2002

Ari on the bed

What a year this has been, we have so much to be thankful for.  Ari is celebrating his 6 month birthday today on Thanksgiving, cute as a button, and Jacob is now 2 years old and is absolutely amazing!

Ari smiles all the time.  This is one happy baby!  The first thing that most people notice about Ari is his dark complexion, we're not sure where that came from, but other than that, he is all Lehman.  

Jacob at the 
big boys table.

The one thing that everyone keeps asking about is how well does Jacob treat Ari.  Let me tell you, Jacob loves his little brother!  From the beginning, we taught Jacob to give Ari little kisses, which he loves to do, and he has been a very good big brother to Ari.  Jacob gets plenty of attention, how can we resist, and that has made the transition to a "two child family" much easier.

For the most part Ari is sleeping through the night and eating well, he is a bit short for his age, but he is growing well and is not short on being adorable!

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Jacob is going to Aleph Bet pre-school at Chabad in Richmond, and so far is really excelling at school.  His teacher Morah Judy told me that "Jacob will be a force of good in this world."  What a great statement, I can barely remember the rest of the meeting!  He is speaking in full sentences, for example "Mommy, it's cold outside" or "I dropped my milk" or "I don't want to go to bed." He may not always tell us what we want to hear, but the intelligence behind the statements more than makes up for the chore of cleaning the milk off of the floor!

The house is busy: the hustle and bustle of baths, the pitter-patter of little feet, the cries for food, the coos for affection, the little kisses, the spilled milk, the first words, the naptime complaints, the new sentences (spoken for the first time), the squash and beans in your eye, the stinky diapers, the throw up on your sheets, and the these words "I Love You Mommy and "I Love You Daddy" make it all worthwhile. 

Thank you G-d for all of these blessings today and always.


All Pictures taken between
October & November 2002

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Mommy Ari and Daddy at the Blue Ridge Parkway, on a foggy day.

Look at this one close up...
...Great Shot

Let's see, one giraffe plus
two octopuses equals... 
where's my calculator?

Has anyone seen my stock report?

Jacob at Maymont Park showing 
Mommy where Daddy went.

He's so grown up!




Mommy, please take 
the picture already. 

Daddy showing Jacob the 
Elk at Maymont Park.

Jacob sliding at Ashland Berry farm with Morah Judy - his first teacher.

Ari in the tub...

Having fun...

With a bubble beard...

Did you know Batman was a hippy?

Uncle Lo (the Executioner), Daddy (Hippy Hendrix), Jacob (Batman), and Ari (the Pumpkin Kid) 

Another good one on Halloween.

Ari doesn't take a bad picture,
Daddy doesn't do so bad himself!

Ari on the swing

Ari...the happy guy!

Fun in the hammock

Bedtime stories.  
"Jacob stop picking!!!"

Jacob playing at Ashland Berry Farm.
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