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Grey Held with a draft of one 
of his poems. 
Staff photo by Zara Tzanev

He could do verse

By Don Seiffert/ Staff Writer
Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Grey Held is a poet and he knows it.

He's had more than 30 poems published, mostly in literary journals. He's working on getting his first book printed, while he's writing his second. And he just won a $20,000 national fellowship for his poetry.

Still, for all his claims to literary pretension, he's not above fooling around with Magnetic Poetry once in a while.

"It's amazing what comes out of it," said Held of the pop culture fad which he's had on his refrigerator for several years.

He's even taken the idea of the game - rearranging hundreds of words to form impromptu poems - a step farther by cutting apart, line by line, poems written by himself and friends, then rearranging them to make new ones.

"They work like fugues ... there were good lines used in different ways," he said. "There are a lot of ways you can go about it and come up with fantastic lines."

Held clearly doesn't fit the stereotype of the stuffy poet insulated in academia. The 12-year Newtonville resident has a full-time job as a director at Lyra Research in Nonantum, which does market research in the field of digital imaging. His children, Zachary and Jessie, students at Newton's public schools, and his wife of 20 years, Leslie, who works in MIT's theater department, are frequent characters in his poems.

Held, a soft-spoken man who types poems straight into his laptop, makes time for his literary pursuits in between domestic duties. Most mornings, he gets up at around 5:30 a.m. - "I guess I'm pretty fortunate in that I only need six hours of sleep," he said - and writes for an hour or so. And on Thursday evenings, he spends three hours at a poetry workshop led by Brookline resident Barbara Helfgott Hyett, whom he calls his "mentor and friend."

The workshop has seen several participants earn the same fellowship that Held recently won, from the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, D.C. About 40 of the $20,000 prizes are given out every other year to poets. Held said Helfgott Hyett strongly encourages participants who have the requisite 25 published poems to apply for them.

Held got involved in writing poetry by a roundabout path. Growing up, he was drawn to contemporary poets like Adrienne Rich and Robert Emmons, but it was as a freshman majoring in architecture at MIT in the 1970s that he first took a poetry writing class and loved it.

But after that, Held didn't do much writing for decades, concentrating instead on visual arts. It was after an art show six years ago that he decided to switch to writing, inspired in part by a dream he had involving the death of a favorite aunt.
Though he can't now remember the dream nor the poem that came out if it, he said he heard about Helfgott Hyett's workshop around that time through members of the First Unitarian Society in Newton and began attending.

He had his first poem published in 2002 in The McGuffin, a journal in Michigan, followed by several more in the next few years. Most had a theme of family, which is also the topic of the first book, to be titled "Hardball," which he hopes to publish soon.

Meanwhile, he's begun writing for a second collection on the two themes of painting and what it's like to be in the business world - a topic on which he said he has a unique perspective.

"There's not a lot of poets who have been in the business world, and can address that kind of underside of what goes on in the business world," he said.
While he said he once tried to separate the two aspects of his life, he now feels comfortable blending his work life with his poetic ambitions.

"I feel like I bring a lot of creativity to my work ... they're really excited for me about the award," he said.

A poetry reading at Temple Beth Avodah, 45 Puddingstone Lane on Tuesday, Jan. 18, at 7 p.m. will feature Grey Held along with poets Barbara Helfgott Hyett, Carol Hobbs and Matthew Sisson. All are welcome. While the reading is free and open to the public, a collection box will be available to gather funds for Tsunami Relief in Southeast Asia.

Eric and Scott go to a Dallas game

Scott and Eric attend Dallas Cowboys game vs Detroit Lions on Oct 31st. in Dallas at Texas Stadium. Had a great time with my son, took lots of pics. Cowboys won the game 31-21.

Scott was very excited about this trip when I told him graduation night from high school. As we were leaving the airport in texas the Detroit Lions players came by where we were eating. We got some autographs and pics.

Team Entry


Opening Kickoff

Joey Harrington

Cansino Family Reunion 2004

Oh What A good time we had. The reunion was again at the Adolf's lovely home at the Beach. The Held family and The Wren Family rented Susan's home at the Beach and we had a reunion Friday evening August 27th at 5:30 p.m. We had a great greeting and lots of kisses. We started the reunion with a special kiddish that AmyBeth orchestrated. Richard led us into the Sephardic kiddish.

We enjoyed a lovely Bar-B-Q that was overseen by none other than Matt Wren. Hey he can cook for me anytime! Hamburgers hotdogs special entrees done by Leslie, great salad put together by AmyBeth and all sorts of goodies that everyone was told to bring was at the table. It was good being with all the family. 

The only ones that was missing was Jeff and Mona and my daughter Nancy's family from Jacksonville. We truly missed Scott Flax, Amanda Weiner , who had to be at their college and Robin Adolf . I do believe that everyone else was there. I was glad to see Lewis Jr. After his accident it was good to see him walk again.

Minnie was our Hamburger maker and we saw Leslie's new venture. Lace Mantilla made of lace and ribbons. We wished her good luck in her new venture. After everyone had enough food Leslie brought out her special dessert. Yummy, yummy. The H---k with the diet. I want to thank everyone in my Cansino Family for making this #2 Reunion a great success. 

Love always Gladys

Updates From Gladys
July 2004

Dear Family,
It's time to brag about our kids. Did you know that Scott Flax graduated this past month of July 2004? Mazel Tov Scott. We hope that your future will be a bright one full of good stuff.

Did you know that Keith West Lehman did the best Haftorah I ever heard since Bob, Laurence and Richard? This kid had the congregation in the palm of his hands.  You did a great job, you did a splendid job sweetheart . Papa and I are very proud of you.

Did you know that Brian Newman had a hole in one, at the Eagle Harbor Golf Course, this past week of July 2004? There's one happy excited dude. He is a Lion when it comes to golfing. Ok all you golfers in this money is on Brian the Lion and Richard, that mookus kid. (Uncle Jack gave him that name)

Did you know that Lewis Held Jr. is doing great since his accident? I wish you speedy recovery, dear Lewis. I'm the only one in this family that is allowed to break anything. I broke two stemware cut glass and chipped one of my good china. Oh well so much for being a cklots. (How do you spell Klots? Klutz? cklotz? whatever).

Michael and Keith just got back from Camp Skylemar and Keith won 4 trophies for being a great camper, and one for his wonderful attitude, a tennis certificate, and one for being a gentleman. That says allot about Keith's demeanor and gentle ways.

To you Bob, I wish you Mazel Tov , on the great article written in the Beacon (Va. Beach newspaper) about your "state of the art" office and your attitude with the children and their parents. It's always wonderful to hear good stuff coming from the kiddies.

Let's hear some more bragging from you guys and gals. I'm proud of all the members of my family and I don't mind telling it in the Cansino news letter. For those of you who entertained our Manchester cousins, thanks a mile for making their trip a pleasure. They won't forget their Va. trip anytime soon. I'm getting alot
of e-mail from them, thanking us for their time with us and you too. Don't be surprised if we get the siblings coming to the USA. Lionel is one of 5 children. If they are as sweet as Angela and Lionel it will be a pleasure to have them here for a visit.

OK that's all I have to say. Next time I will give you news from Nancy. E-mail your "bragging" so we will know what we have in our Family.

Passover Thanks from Gladys

To all my helpers during Passover, 
Thanks so much for making it a little easier this year for me and although I didn't feel exactly right about the none Passover glatt kosher food, G-d did not strike me down.

The food was great. Amy Beth's hard boiled eggs were quite in demand and her mashed potatoes were perfect. Thank you my darling for helping me in setting up the tables. It was, as Aunty Minnie put it "very regal." You are one super lady! 

The chickens that were cut up by Gloria were tender and delicious. That was a chore . Thank you Glo. The sweet potatoes went fast, so therefore...they went over big. Thank you Susan.  Beth my dear, I can always count on you for the Watergate Salad, thank you.

Mona, ooh ooh ooh them strawberries and fruit were great, I'm glad that they were on the menu table because it was part of the dinner. I was left with a dozen blueberries which Uncle Alfred enjoyed with his did Andy.  Eric I didn't quite know who brought the cole slaw...was it you? Was it uncle Dicky? How did it come in?  Somebody answer me please. That's the mystery of Passover. 

Dr. Bob, you never fail me when it comes to doing the Charoses. You do it so well and I really don't worry about it being done, it's just that I worry about those stupid minutes that are very precious to me for the holydays. So much is going on, but you do it fine and I love you for it. Thank you a million times. To my Richard and my Laurence, the tables would not have been so sturdy without you guys seeing to it that it was solid like a rock, and because of that, we sang Dayano like it should be sung. Using the table for your drumming. 

And to my sweet Hubby thank you for all the schelleping and for running the service without forgetting anyone's participation. Hey did you like my little Jacob doing the two first questions in Hebrew and Katherine doing the 3rd and 4th questions? They are our leaders from now on. Thanks for reading my long mail but it saves me from writing to everyone personally. My shoulder is killing with pain so forgive the 9 in one letter.

MARCH 2004 Newsletter from Gladys

April the 2nd., 3rd.,and 4th., we will attend our grandson Keith West's Bar Mitzvah in Norfolk Va. Good timing, as this is the very thing that the family needed after the tragic demise of our loved member Lewis Held. What a fine Southern gentleman he was. A quiet man, a loving soul and a good brother in law. I wrote to the family a long letter, which Linda has taken for a memory book that she is putting together, for everyone to read. We will see all of you at Keith's day and have a little time and fun together.

April 5 2004, will again bring the Family together at our house for the 45th year that I have taken over my Mom's Passover-tradition. First I must thank all of you that are helping me this year with the cooking. This is the first for me, as I have done all the cooking, cleaning, buying, and setting of the table by myself and enjoyed every moment of it. 

However this year 2004, I was talked into sharing the chores. Thank you, thank you for coming through for me. For all of you that never noticed all these years, our Lewis Held, (of blessed memory) the eldest in the Family ,and the youngest boy in any particular year, shared a special color kepah (skull cap). Last year Ari Cansino Lehman and Uncle Lewis shared the gold caps. This year Uncle Alfred and Ari will share the honor. 

We all share the sadness that Minnie and her Children went through this past week, and hope that everyone's love for the Held family will soften the hurt and distress that they endured. G-d Bless all my family


If you want to see more news on the Cansino website, please write Rich.

Another star ascends to the heavens:

Lewis Isaac Held

March 22, 1911 to 12:12 am March 12, 2004

He touched many lives.

May he rest in peace.

Any written memories would be welcome, so that his grandson, Alec, on whose 3rd birthday he died, will know just how many lives his Papa touched.

Thank you,

Click here to send memories directly to Linda

MAY 2003 Newsletter from Gladys

What a great month it was. Definitely not for golfers because it rained and rained but not to worry, we still had some good times. Family got together for lots of graduations and recitals and birthday parties and celebrations. We, the Lehmans, started the month of May celebrating Amy Beth's birthday, all the Ruby family came to lunch at the Grass Hut hosted by Joan Ruby. That was fun. 

A big mazel-tov to Gloria and Arthur's 5th Wedding Anniversary. We were not with them as we were in Norfolk celebrating Matthew's confirmation at Temple Olef Shalom. A great big hug to Robin as she graduated College and will be moving soon. Good luck sweetheart. 

Congratulations to LLoyd on his 50th plus one birthday. Our little Jacob celebrated his 3rd birthday with a dinner party given by his MOM and DAD. Every one of the family came in for dessert, cake and coffee. Our grandson Ari celebrated his 1st birthday the same day - they were born 3 days apart.

The last day of May found us celebrating Thomas Jefferson High School 60th reunion for Alfred. That was fun and over 150 or more 1943 students showed up. That was a great party. Tomorrow morning June the 1st the Weiner's are having a party for Amanda as she graduated High school. Wow you guys are growing up too fast. She too is leaving the nest. She is going to College in Baltimore.

Evan Weiner just bought his first bachelor pad. Hmm! 

And now my son " the Doctor" is going into his new office in Va. Beach. Hey family, if you want to see the finest looking pediatric office, go to 200 Grayson Road in Va. Beach and look at our Dr. Lehman's decorated place geared strictly for the children. Rain Forest is the theme and Bob didn't spare any expense in this office. State of the Art rooms and office. I'm sure you will get a thrill at seeing Pediatric Affiliates when you drive to Va. Beach and look to the right as you pass the Witch Duck exit. As a matter of fact, stop and visit awhile look at the office and then you can move on to the beach. 

Thanks for reading my "newsy" letter. 


If you want to see more news on the Cansino website, please write Rich.

Jacob and Ari at 2 and 6 months Old

The boys are growing up so fast that we can hardly keep up!  We have lots of new pictures and some new stories.  Click here to link to the Lehman Brothers Thanksgiving Update! 

Uncle Lewis Receives Special Honor for 70 Years

Uncle Lewis was given a special honor by the Masonic Lodge. Fraternal Lodge (#53) of the Free and Accepted Masons honored our very own Lewis I. Held for 70 years of Masonic leadership. 

Posted 11/21/02
Click on the pictures above to enlarge
Click here
for one more picture!

Brother Held, as he is known to us Masons, was escorted to the East where the brethren gave Brother Held the kudos, esteem, and recognition befitting one who has rendered so much service and support to this August fraternity. Brother Held served as Worshipful Master in 1948. Brother Held extended his thanks and admiration for the Masons and spoke words which truly warmed the hearts of his fellow brothers. 

We beseech the Master Architect of the Universe to bless Brother Held and his family with long life, good health, and the strength to continue his good works. So mode it be.

Note: I had the privilege to be with Uncle Lewis for this wonderful occasion and to escort him to the East. See the pictures of Uncle Lewis receiving his commendation and enjoy the moment! It was a terrific evening.

Lo Lehman

Gary Weiner honored as finalist in 2002 Ernst & Young's 
Entrepreneur of The Year Award

Reprinted from Advertising Promotional Supplement
Richmond Times Dispatch - June 17, 2002

The casual observer might think that Gary Weiner's eventual success in the shoe business was a given.  After all, his father was a gifted businessman who began a profitable company, Saxon Shoes, Inc.  Weiner was poised to gain both his father's wisdom and the company itself.  He unfortunately lost both.  His father and mentor died in 1991, and the company burned to the ground in 2001.

Despite these difficulties, Weiner succeeded in advancing a small store into one of the largest full-service shoe stores in America.

As president of Saxon Shoes, he leads with an innovative style exemplified by the fact he has personally hired every single employee with the exception of three, and greets each one by name. Employees benefit from a percent-of-sales based payroll system, and 80 percent are trained to cross-sell departments.  As a result, Saxon workers enjoy a higher overall wage than industry peers.  Moreover when the fire shut down operations, Weiner saw to it that employees received four full months of pay.

Such employee care creates its own reward.  Customers enjoy the warm environment created by happy Saxon employees.  Weiner understands that customer satisfaction is key to sales, so he always strives to achieve what he calls "the three S's: service, styles, sizes."

In 1999 Weiner and his wife, Beth, started and on-line shoe store,  Along with six associates, the pair has taken from $40,000 in first year sales to multiples of that amount in monthly sales.

Letter from Aunt Gloria about Gary's award

I am enclosing some articles I told you about that can be included in the Cansino news letter.  First, I have the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award that was given to Gary on June 20, 2002 - It was quite an honor to be chosen on of 21 recipients from all over Virginia and part of North Carolina - and look at the company he was with, Joseph Luter with Smithfield Foods who do $7 billion per year and Robey Estes with Estes Express Lines and others.  Quite an honor, we are so proud of him.

Gary was also the keynote speaker at the "Venture Forum," speaking on Saxon Shoes and Shoedini, a luncheon held last week at The Place at Innsbrook attended by over 200 people.

Last night, July 30th, Susan, Robin, Arthur and I attended a party given by the Richmond Magazine at the Va. Historical Society where we again won "Best Shoe Store" in Richmond, and to add to that "Best Handbag and Accessory" store in Richmond.  That was a first for us.  A lot of credit goes to Susan for her accessories.

I guess that is all the honors for now except for so many great articles written about Saxon Shoes in the trade magazine.

Fifty years in business has proven itself to be a success story for us after many years of hard and devoted work.  Love to you and the family,

aunt Gloria

Cansino Party at The Beach

We are looking forward to the entire family meeting and spending the day in Virginia Beach on Sunday July 14, 2002. A Family Reunion Dinner will be held at Susan and Ronnie's Virginia Beach home at (click here to email for address). So far it looks like almost everyone will be there. Not only will we be having fun, but also celebrating many birthdays and anniversaries too. Looking forward to seeing everyone...............Love, Susan

Ari Cansino LehmanAri Cansino  Lehman Arrives!

On Tuesday May 28th, 2002, Amy Beth and Rich Lehman were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby boy!   Mommy and baby are doing great.  The baby naming and bris took place June 4th, 2002, traditionally on the eighth day of life.

Ari is pronounced "Ahh-Rhee"

So what are you waiting for, click here to see the pictures!!!

Brian Cansino Newman's Bar-Mitvah (3/16/02)

Brian Cansino Newman An open Letter to our Brian: You should know by now how very proud we are of you. This past week-end was a week-end that all of your families were involved in your prayers and alyahs. As a Grandmother, I can tell you that I popped a few buttons. To see all my children and Grandchildren address the Tora the way they did made me so very proud. 

I congratulate you on your accomplishments the manner that you carried yourself, the ease of your voice, the smile on your face, and you made everyone in the congregation listen to you intently. I looked around and saw everyone with a smile on their faces and that's a good thing, because many times you were so confident and your trop was so well done, that it was easy listening.

Read the e-mail that I sent to all of you about this past week end. Now don't get your head too swelled up.....every compliment that I gave you is true and just. Thank you my darling and I'll be listening for more of your accomplishments. Much love always NANNY

Congratulations to Jeff and Mona Flax!

Jeff FlaxMona FlaxJeff and Mona were both selected by the Virginia Business Magazine as "the Legal Elite" in their respective specialties. Jeff was selcted in the area of Intellectual Property and Mona in the area of Family Law. The selection was made through a survey of practitioners throught the state.

Click here to go to the website and see!

Jacob Daniel Lehman
Jacob Daniel Lehman

Jacob is growing up very fast!

He is now almost 19 months old.

He is now walking all over the house, traveling all over the country, and driving his parents bonkers as they try to keep up!  Click on Jacob's picture to the right to read about his most recent exploits!

As you can imagine, Nanny, Papa, Mema and Bepa are all kvelling over him, not to mention Mommy and Daddy too.  We figured that you can't go wrong by sourounding a great little guy with love, hugs and kisses!

Click here for an index to all of Jacob's pictures.  Last updated on 12/13/2001

Brian Newman is Junior Golf Champion

Brian Newman Move over Tiger Woods, here comes Brian. We just got a call from our grandson and he announced that he just won the Jr. Golf tournament in Orange Park. The 12 to 14 year old and he did it with a score of 75.  Any one interested to see his weeks game in Division II, log in the internet. (click on "Points List" upper right hand corner, then click on "Order" under Division IIB).

Papa and I are so very proud of you. I will be calling you tomorrow and you can give us blow by blow description of how you won your game. In the meantime know that we love you very much.   Love you very much, Nanny and Papa (Lehman)

Harris and Jeremy B'nai Mitzvah

A great big Mazel-Tov to Harris and Jeremy for an absolutely grandiose Haftorah. Your voices were "in sync" all the way. Uncle Alfred and I thoroughly enjoyed watching you boys, hearing and qvelling that whole morning, as we realized that you ,too, knew you were doing a good job.

Harris FlaxJerermy Flax
Harris & Jeremy Flax
Sorry for the outdated picture.  Please send me an update!!!

We know exactly how your Mom, Dad and your Papa felt when you guys were through.

Thank you all for a wonderful week-end . The Lunch was well done, including the Shabbat dinner and the party at the Zoo was fun except for seeing that 10' snake that was suppose to put us in the mood.  I do think that my first thought was to take to the hills.  However it was done beautifully. (editors note: The first thought is always the true one!)

Let's read more comments from the Cansinos' extensions. So far I read nothing in the news section. Save 34 cents and send us news and info by mouse.
A request from Alfred & Gladys Lehman

Brick Dedication at Va. Beach

Brick DedicationThis summer when you visit Va. Beach, make sure that you take some time to visit the cancer/loved one brick dedication sidewalk.

Ronnie and I recently dedicated 3 bricks in a sidewalk in Virginia Beach.   There is a special garden there dedicated to people who have died due to cancer or just dedicated in memory of a special loved one. The three bricks we dedicated were to my father Jack, Auntie Evie and Ronnie's parents.  The place where these bricks were dedicated is called Buff's Garden located at 47th and Oceanfront Ave. Hope these pictures come out well.
Thanks and love, Susan

Aunt Evie Brick DedicationUncle Jack Brick DedicationJean and Kurt Adolf Brick Dedication
Other pictures of the dedication. (click to enlarge picture)


Alec Wren Is Born

Alec WrenAlec was born March 12, 2001, weighing 9 lbs 2 oz to Matt and Linda Wren.

Congratulations Matt, Linda, Carly and Alec.

Alec, may your life be happy, healthy and prosperous!!!

Saxon Shoes Fire

Saxon ShoesA very emotional week for all of us especially for Gloria, Gary and Susan and their Families. We have received so many phone calls ourselves from friends and club members that knew of our connection with the Family of Saxon Shoes.

I believe them when they said that over 300 phone calls came in one day. Not only is the anguish horrendous, but the thought of all the memories and the pictures and the trophies and awards in all the 48 years of business. This needed to be documented in the Cansino News letter. This shows us that nothing is impossible, that bad things can happen to GOOD PEOPLE, like my car accident 2 weeks ago. We are survivors and G-D Bless Gary and Susan, as they said from the very beginning "Saxon Shoes will be rebuilt".

Saxon ShoesSo for whoever reads this letter, let it be known that us Cansinos will never quit. We've been through Dicky's two fires, and our daughter in law Robin devastating fire in her Neptune Shrimp Co. So let us give thanks to G-D that nobody was hurt physically. To my sister Gloria, my nephew Gary and my niece Susan, know that I am available to help in any capacity. All you have to do is give me a tingle and I'll be there. Love you all and I'll see you for this year's Passover April 7 is Seder night @ 6:00 p.m. Hopefully we'll start early as we do have little ones to consider.

Thank you for reading my views and news. Aunt Gladys

Other pictures of the news coverage.

Saxon Shoes News CoverageSaxon Shoes News CoverageSaxon Shoes News Coverage
Saxon Shoes News CoverageSaxon Shoes News Coverage

Jason Adolf Graduates!

To Jason Adolf: 

We just received from your Mom and Dad an announcement that you are graduating with a BA in business and we congratulate you. We know how proud your Parents are and we join them in being just as happy and proud of you as can be. The world is your oyster and you know how to peel the hard cover off of them. So have fun, do lots of nice things with and to the people you meet, and the rest is the icing on the cake. 

( make it chocolate and I'll join you) Mazel-Tov


Brian "Eagle" Newman, Makes One!

Brian NewmanCongratulations to Brian Newman for scoring his first "Eagle" in golf.   This is so big his name is going in the Eagle Harbor Golf Newsletter!  Way to go Brian!!!

Now there's a grandson to be proud of.  At his age he just made an Eagle and I'll let Alfred recount the shots for all our golf-family. So Brian from your Nanny who loves you very much I say that Tiger Woods is History.  This is a note from Me....The PAPA, The PAPA... Well... the lion reared his head and roared.  His pitching wedge struck and the ball soared. An EAGLE is what we record!!!  It was a par 5 hole, begun with a driver. Then came a 4 wood and Bri made it quiver.The wedge was the last shot on this hole and it went straight at the pole.  As luck would have it, it went in the cup and Brian rushed over and picked it right up. Brian's outcry was very loud---the Lehman family is very proud. Congratulations Brian----We all love you, Papa.

Cansino Trip To Israel

From Gladys Lehman Nov, 7 2000
This is already 3 months since we got back from Israel, but everytime I started to type my thoughts about our wonderful trip either the phone rings or my friends show up at my door or I needed to vacate from this computer because Alfred, my wonderful, greatest sales person for AE, needs this machine to fax his many customers or his daily orders to be faxed to Atlantic Electric (this is for you guys who wonder what AE stands for)

O.K. back to Israel. The only way to go is with a Hostess named Carole Tennenbaum. We never saw our luggage until we landed in Tel-Aviv. Everyone was so happy that we didn't need to go through customs. Everyday was an experience of a lifetime. We saw practically every native corner of Israel. We ate with an Arab Family that cooked a delicious lunch ( if you like Falafal) We danced with their Children and I connected with the Grand Mother who was beaming toothless from ear to ear. We planted trees for our beloved Sister Evie and for Mom and Dad and for Mom Ethel and Dad Max. We saw the Independence Hall, the Golden Rock where we needed to take our shoes off before entering the Mosque, the Holocaust @ Yad Vashem was terribly emotional.

We experienced Matthew's Bar Mitzvah on the very top of Mount Scopus overlooking Jerusalem. What a beautiful view. The weather was gorgeous. We had a slow breeze. No one was in sight except our people  Not only was Matthew Bar Mitzvahed, but Dr Lisa Barr's daughter Rebecca was Mitzvahed at the same time. It was very nicely done. We visited the western wall twice. The Hotel had a beautiful Shabbat Dinner for us in a private room. We rode the camels when we visited a Bedouin Family. I stayed behind to take movies of the group when they got back couple of hours later. (don't anybody think that that excuse was a cop out)

The whole group swam in the dead sea. Had lots of fun. The reason why I didn't swim?...I forgot to include my bathing suit in our overnight case. (and that's the real truth) But I did swim in the Mediterranean Sea with all the kids. We walked the Streets of Jerusalem without fear. We shopped at the Arab Market and the Jewish shops. We visited the Museums with all the Synagogues display in a miniature form. What a beautiful piece of work, that was.

We payed our respects to the soldiers that died during the war and Goldie Meyer's tomb and Yitzhak Rabin's tomb. We visited Bob's kibbutz when he went to Israel right after his High School Graduation. Brought back lots of memories for him. If I ever had to pick another trip abroad I would say that I would like to go back to Israel. One gets a feeling of belonging and a sense of who you are.

I did not leave the group once,as they were all so very amiable. I did every thing and walked every inch of our trip. I was very impressed with the Jewishness of the people working around Israel. I loved it. I know that some of you were in Jerusalem and I need to find out if your feelings of Israel is the same as mine. I do suggest you all take that trip as soon as the trouble in Israel has settled down.

Well my dear family all I want you to know is take the Grandchildren and enjoy. My three Grandchildren have bonded so beautiful and talked about their experience with love. Thank you for reading my story. Tomorrow I will tell you the fun time we all had at Michael's Bar Mitzvah this past Nov. 4th 2000. 

See you. 


Michael Lehman's Bar Mitzvah

t has been two weeks since Michael's Bar Mitzvah and I still feel as if I am on a cloud. I just wanted to say THANK YOU A MILLION for being with us for the weekend. I know that you all had to arrange time away from other things to attend and be with us. 

I believe that this was the biggest combined Cansino/Lehman affair we have ever had. I was VERY proud of Michael and I know he feels the same about himself. I have great memories of the entire weekend and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed having everyone with us for the weekend. We LOVE you all and hope that we can see you soon at the next simcha.

Have a great holiday season and let's please keep in touch. 

With all my love,


News for May 2000!

Welcome to the newest arrival to the Cansino family!  Jacob Daniel Lehman who arrived on May 25th, 2000 at 10:54am! 

What a month!!!!!!!!!!! To begin, let me wish mazel-tov to: Our beautiful Robin Adolf for being accepted at the College of her choice. May all your future dreams come true. We love you.

Next, is the 2nd wedding anniversary of Gloria and Arthur: Our wishes to you my dear sis and Bro is that we wish you both everything we wish for ourselves and THAT could only be but THE VERY BEST THAT LIFE CAN OFFER. Health, heathy, healthier. And if you've got that, than happiness couldn't be far behind.

To our sweet nieces and daughter Nancy, who gave Richard and AmyBeth the nicest Baby shower that anyone can have. Lots of friends and Family came to the party given @ Susan's house. Thank you Susan, Mona, Robin, Nancy, Beth and Linda.

Next is my thanks to all of you who attended the 38th year of Passover at our house. Anyone who would like to do Passover, let me know (Joke).

My next gratitude is the birth of our new sweet Grandson. Jacob Daniel. I'm sure you all saw the pictures that Richard ( the computer guru ) put on the screen for us to view. I can't begin to tell you how proud we are of this little angel and his parents. We didn't know that Richard and Amy Beth has again honored us by naming the Baby after two loving gentlemen namely our Dad Jack Cansino and Dr Perlin, Joan Ruby's Dad. This child will have the right connections in this world, as he started out on the right foot. Born on a very special day, Thursday, as this is one of the days that the Torah is used and any time that the Torah is opened, the day is truly blessed. And to refresh your memory, Richard was born on a Saturday, and Alfred was born on Yom Kippur Day. How's that for being blessed. Alfred's Mom and Dad were friends of Dr and Mrs Perlin. Alfred's cousin Willie Rubin and Joan's Aunt Helen Levin married years ago and had a happy life. The Marriage of Rich and AmyBeth was ordained by G-d years ago.

The Bris was an accomplishment task that Joan and I took over, and about 150 to 180 friends and Family attended the ceremony at our home. G-d gave us a beautiful day to enjoy. We had tables and chairs outside on our patio and breakfast was enjoyed by everyone. Those that ate outside also enjpoyed the chirping of the many birds of Va. If you missed this affair, Rich and AmyBeth said that there will be more to come. This is fair
warning to our out-of-town Family. Friends stayed from 8:00a.m. until 1:45 p.m.

Right after the party, at 2:30 p.m. we  drove to Jacksonville to be with Nancy on her Bat-Mitzvah Day. We both popped our shirt buttons from being proud of this girl's accomplishments. Besides taking care of her household, the Children.s car-pooling, and her very demanding job, she found the time to learn her Hebrew and be in charge of the decorations for the Oneg Shabbat and learned the very difficult Hassidic Kiddush that is so very well known to this Sephardic Family. What a girl....what a talent. Let's not forget that behind a good woman is a good man. So Andy, thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the extras so's Nancy can fullfill her dream.

Next, is for the golfers in our family. Brian qualified for the Junior Titleist Tournament and is now preparing his skill for the summer program. He is so excited because this week he shot a 74. He will be known as "Brian the Lion".  Move over Tiger Wood.

Next on my list is, the pride of having our Rebecca in the Honor Roll in her school. Her gift from us is a trip to Israel this coming July. Matthew (Robin's first born) will do his Bar Mitzvah in Israel. So we are taking advantage of this affair and be with Bob and his family on this trip. So the next time you will hear from me is when we get back from Jerusalem. Don't forget Michael's Bar-Mitzvah date is Nov 4,2000 in Va. Beach. No bathing suit allowed. Thank you all for the being not only my Family but my friend too. Until this year in Jerusalem......



Rich and Amy Beth get married!

After a long time coming, Rich and Amy Beth finally met their perfect match, fell in love, and got married on November 21st 1998.  

The ceremony took place at Temple Beth-El in Richmond VA, and the reception was held at the Hyatt Hotel near I-64.  It was a lovely time and more importantly it was the union of two great families and two very happy people!  

Click here for pictures.

Bob opens new pediatric location in Chesepeake

We moved to the new office 2 days ago (9/15/98) and now are officially in the new space.  As you know, this is my second office.  We will be scaling back the office in Norfolk and are making the Chesapeake office the MAIN office.  It looks wonderful.  My new address is: 

1421 Kempsville Road  Suite A 
Chesapeake VA  23320 
Phone number is 757-312-8484 

I invite any and all Cansino relatives to visit the new office.  Of course, if you have kids and want them seen (sick or well visits), bring them along too.  If you have a Saxon Shoes discount card, we will honor that too :) 

Robin and the kids are doing great.  Please come down to VB and visit us soon.

With all my love 

Aunt Gladys, Uncle Alfred and Uncle Dicky's  Trip to England
Hey Family, 

Posted on 9/4/98

We just got back from London England and am very glad to be home although we had a great time...there's no place like HOME. 

We got to see our very good friends and we were wined and dined. How wonderful to have such good friends.  We went to help Derek celebrate his 75th birthday.  What fun that was. We saw every tourist Palace Buckingham, Blendheim, de Rothshild Manor, Westminster Abbey, Victoria and Albert Museum, Tower of London, The show Chicago, we shopped at Harrods, we ate at very posh Pubs and had high Tea at the Dorchester. 

We visited with cousin Manuel, we also took a 3 hour cruise up and down the Thames.  We had dinners at the homes of The Taylors, the Millers, the Smith's and learned to get around London on the undergrounds. All this in 10 days. 

Alfred and Dicky had to keep up with ME.  I didn't leave one day without a place to go.  We were driven in style.  We were driven around  in a  brand new Jaguar, that was Derek's Birthday gift, and the Lavenders drove us in a '98 BMW sedan. Not bad being passengers and being driven around the Costwald and Broadway Country around Ivanhoe and Bladon by good friends. 

When we were ready to leave for Heathrow we even had our own Cab and driver at our disposal. If anyone is ready to go to England give me a call for some good cabbies. Very friendly people those Britishers. 

Anyway...I am glad to be home safe and sound. Just a short report from Auntie Gladys, your ol' MOM and your Sister


Wedding plans Shower/Rehearsal Dinner

Posted on 7/20/98

Dear Family, 

As you well know "The Wedding" is in the making.  Right now we want you to save August 9th for the women of the Cansino Clan as a Shower for Amy Beth is planned by our very good friends, Maxine Paul, Beryl Dascher, Bobbie Bender Gross, Bobbie Levin and Millie Meyer @ Peking on loehmans' Plaza at 11:30.  A Champagne Brunch is planned. I'm sure that by now you have received the invitation.  See you there. Mother of trhe Groom :) 

I forgot to also tell you that a pre-nuptial dinner will be planned at Lakeside Country Club Nov 20th 1998.  Alfred and I are looking forward to breaking bread with all of our Families and the out of town Guests. Come and enjoy with us this union and come hungry. 

The Mother of the Groom :-) 

The CANSINO.COM web page is a reality!

Well through all of the hard work, toiling night after night, burning the candle at both ends, walking to and from the computer lab, in the snow, uphill, both ways, and a little bit of private funding, the CANSINO web page has gone universal with its own URL (I think this means Universal Resource Link or something like that)! 

What this means is that the new address, as you have noticed is "" instead of the long and drawn out "". 

This also means that we can officially have cansino e-mail addresses, yes that means that everyone in the Cansino family will have their own e-mail address at CANSINO.COM!!!!!  Click here to see how this is done. 

I hope that everyone enjoys this newest feature and will continue to come by and see the web site often.  Don't forget if you have news that needs to be posted just send it to Rich. 

Also, don't forget about the message center where you can post a message on the web page in real time while you are on the internet! 

And, as if this wasn't enough, I will be posting any new pages that anyone would like to post under the banner of CANSINO.COM.  Therefore if you have a personal page that you would like for me to post, send me the HTML page and I will include it as part of the CANSINO.COM webpage. 

Originally posted on 5/3/98

The Official Rich and Amy Beth Wedding Date

The official wedding date is November 21, 1998. So put it in your calendars!!!  The wedding will take place at Temple Beth-El (Richmond, Va.) and the reception will be held at the Hyatt (same location as Gloria and Arthur's wedding reception) Look forward to seeing you all there.

Originally posted on 5/1/98

Thoughts about Aunt Evie


Click Here. 


It is official, I know this, especially since I'm posting this news personally! It happened on Saturday night (2/28/98) and I proposed to her at Joe's Inn in Richmond. Click here to view the official engagement picture just after it happened. I had Mima Ethel's engagement ring re-set in a traditional platinum setting by Ronnie (of course! Thanks cuz!!!) and she absolutely loved it. Click here to view the official ring picture. 

On Sunday we went to dinner at Angela's restaurant with the Rubys and the Lehmans to start planning our wedding. Click here to see a picture of the two families. We are planning the wedding for the fall of 98, exact date is TBA. Thank you everyone for setting the great examples to follow and we look forward to rounding out the cousin connection with another mitvah! I look forward to seeing all of you there!!! 

Aunt Minnie and Uncle Lewis are online

As of 2/3/98!  Click here to send them a message!

Visit the Lloyd Grey Held Art Page

Click here to go to the page!

Originally posted on 2/13/98

News from a letter from Lloyd 

"The Cansino family Web site looks great! Nice job. It's particularly nice for those of us who ventured away from the Cansino stronghold in Virginia." 

"It was interesting to learn (from the family message board) that Jason had an internship at AIM. AIM is one of the Internet organizations I keep tabs on for my work as editor and analyst for a computer publishing and consulting firm. It was also a thrill to see my cousins' pictures up on the Web. I'm so used to looking at pictures of products, not my kinfolk, on the Web!" 

"You asked for news for the Web site. Well I'm having a one-man show of my artwork at the Newton Free Library in February. It houses the nicest public gallery in Newton. I'll be exhibiting about 24 works there throughout the month. The opening reception is February 5, 1998." 

"I realize it's a bit far for the family to travel, so I thought I'd send a few images of the artworks that will be on display. Feel free to post them on the Cansino Web site if you want to. CLICK HERE!!! 

"I'll also be sending all my aunts and uncles and cousins a postcard invitation to the show. When you get the postcard you may notice that I use the name "Grey" Held. It's been a nickname of mine since college. As it turns out "Lloyd" means "Grey" in Old English. At any rate I answer to either Grey or Lloyd."

Originally posted on 12/26/97

Cansino family web page

Cansino family web page! Here here it has finally arrive our own web page to keep us in touch. Check here for e-mail addresses, family tree, pictures, family news and other cool stuff! Coming soon, a Nanny and Papa page, an Uncle Jack page, and more updated events and news pages! 

Originally posted on 12/4/97

News From Gladys

Hello Dear Family, Richard made me such a lovely web-site that I have to send you all a message. January 9th Uncle Alfred and I will be blessed at Temple Beth-El and it's going to be a co-congregation with Temple Beth Ahabah, so the Weiners Adolfs and Helds can still go to Shull and hear their Rabbi at Beth-El. It will be a simple Blessing but after 45 years I'll take every avenue that G-d gives us.

The Oneg Shabbat will be done by the Sisterhood and as it is strictly Kosher I cannot bake and take to Temple anymore. So whatever the Sisterhood does will have to be O.K. H

If you have any comment, please E-Mail Richard and tell him what you think of our web-site. 

Love you all,


News From Rich

OK for all of you who have been wondering, Yes, it's true, the rumors are not rumors! I have found a very special girl and things are looking great! Although there hasn't been any ring exchanging yet and I'm taking it one step at a time, I am very very happy! Her name is Amy Beth Ruby, you may know her parents, Arlin and Joan Ruby from Richmond Va. I will keep you posted on any new developments!

Originally posted on 12/4/97

News From Ronnie

Jason Adolf will be transfering to Va. Tech in January 1998. He has been accepted into the Pamplin School of Business. After a year and a half he is leaving Washington, D.C. This semester he has been an intern with the Association for Interactive Media as the assistant to the Vice-President. He looks forward to spending the next few years in a real college atmosphere not to mention Richard Lehman's alma mater. 

Originally posted on 12/4/97

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