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Historical Messages

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August, 07 2006       10:04:29 AM
Katherine Flax
hey guys its katherine well i just wanted to tell everyone that i have a date for u to mark on your calender. November 10th 2007, by bat mitzvah date c yall soon love, Katheirne Flax

July, 31 2006       03:06:01 PM
Katherine Flax
hey guys its katherine wel i just wanted to tell richard thanks for putting my diary and pictures on the front page! it took me a while to write but we had such a BLAST!!!! well if anyone wants to emial me back just to talk my emial is thanks =] -katheirne

January, 18 2005       01:57:55 PM
Ok, here is the latest update on the Robin and Daniel wedding. Mark your calendar now for October 1, 2005. We are making big plans and want all of you there. Much love, Susan and Ronnie

December, 18 2004       07:38:57 PM
Vacation with Gladys and Alfred
We left Richmond to take a Carribean Cruise Nov. 23 2004 First we drove to Jacksonville to have Dinner at my daughter's home. Wow what a pleasure it was to be greeted by our Andy and Brian....but where was Nancy? She was hiding behind her couch until Alfred and I walked into her living room....and there she was, over 130 lbs lighter...gorgeous and I couldn't believe my eyes. To see my daughter so very slim, well coiffed and with a stunning outfit. Her smile was radiant, her skin was glowing and we couldn't get over her attitude of sheer pleasure to see us and vice versa. After our meal (to fit a King) We sat down and learned about her extreme operation and her desire to lose all that weight is now behind her and she will get into a size 10 soon..That was my wish for 52 years. But alas it never reached that, for me. Now at my age of 75 I'm lucky that I can still do everything I need to do, including another Passover unless someone else wants to take it over for the year 2005. That would be my 50th year. (but who's counting?)Then after visiting cousin Freda and Moe Payton ( Alfred 1st cousin Freda) We boarded the Royal Carribean " Voyager of the Seas" and for 7 days had a blast.We were featured on the ship's show "Love and Marriage" and from then on we were the most popular stars of the cruise.Then after we left the ship we visited our good friends from London in Sarasota. What a fun couple. We also met up with their daughter Hilary and husband John for a Sunday brunch that took all day. Surprise guests were my Nancy and Andy as they are Hilary and John's best friends. We had a great 2 weeks and we vowed to do it again in a year or two.So watch for more details about the coming wedding of Robin and Daniel.

December, 18 2004       07:00:21 PM
From Auntie Gladys
Simin-Tov, and Mazel-Tov, Mazel-Tov and Simin-Tov, to the Adolf Family...our niece Susan and Ronnie's daughter ROBIN is engaged to a wonderful young man, Daniel,which we first met at the 1st Cansino Reunion in 2002.He was kind enough to take the official Cansino clan picture. We loved him then, and we love him more now. So welcome to the Family and wishing our family and his family mazel-tov. That's a good union. Go kids all the way to 120. Please G-D

November, 18 2004       09:50:22 PM
Susan Adolf
HI everyone ! Today is November 18, 2004 and I have an important announcement to make. My daughter, Robin Gayle Adolf and Daniel H. Salzberg are officially engaged. It still hasn't sunk in and even writing it doesn't make it seem real. Daniel asked for Robin's hand in marriage about two weeks ago. He is a wonderful young man who approached Ronnie and then spoke seperately with me to ask our blessing on his intentions. Needless to say we are kvelling and Robin is on Cloud 9. We will share more information as it happens. Mazel Tov to the happy couple. Love , Susan and Ronnie

August, 30 2004       06:26:29 AM
David Bethea
My sister has contacted me requisting my assistance in locating a WWII veteran named Antonio Cansino Jr. She had come into possession of some letters between this person and a love interest during his time in WWII. From what she has told me he was from California and attended the University of Missouri. The letters cover the period between 1938 and 1945. There is a reference that he was in to Rita Hayworth. My sister's desire is to locate the descendants of Antonio to share the letters with them. Any assistance your site may offer is welcomed.

July, 16 2004       01:22:53 PM
Gladys Cansino Lehman
O.K.So now I wrote a long letter and sent it to Richard to include in the "News" part of the Cansino web-page. If you want to read it go to news. I need to correct one thing. Michael and Keith did not go to Camp Skylamar they went to Camp Seagull. Shame on me! But everything else is correct. Did I do alot of bragging about my Cansino Family???YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. Looking forward to having the Reunion this summer. Anxious to know when everybody is able to go to the Beach. We are ready anytime.It's up to you busy people.

June, 23 2004       01:37:21 PM
Eric Flax
In case anyone didn't know, Scott graduated from Godwin High on the 9th of June. I am very proud of him and all he has accomplished in the last year. He was President of his BBYO chapter, and continues to work at Cold Stone Creamery. He will be going off to Radford University in Aug. I love you very much son, DAD

June, 23 2004       11:51:25 AM
Eric Flax
Dina and I had the pleasure of first meeting our cousins from Manchester back on the 7th in Philly. We took them to an Italian bistro, had a few drinks and wine, and had a great time with them. Lionel had great pics of past generations of Cansinos'. It was nice to meet them and I'm sure the rest of ya'll feel the same way.

June, 16 2004       09:59:33 PM
Susan Adolf
Ronnie and I recently had the great pleasure of meeting our cousins Lionel and Angela Levy from Manchester, England. They have been in email contact with Richard and Aunt Gladys and made Richmond a stop on their trip to the states. After a lovely meeting at the Lehman home, the Levy's came to Virginia Beach to meet Bob and Robin, Jeff and Mona. Ronnie and I were at the beach too and we all had lunch, dinner and some beach time together. We can not express how wonderful it is to have met such great people and they are related to us as a bonus. I hope we get the opportunity to go to England soon and see them again. There might be other cousins out there that are our ages. The family just keeps growing. Love, Susan

June, 16 2004       09:54:07 PM
Susan Adolf
Headline:ADOLF SHOOTS BLAZING 85 TO BEAT LEHMAN.. Wednesday, June 16, 2004, Ronnie Adolf shot a blazing 85 at the TPC in Virginia Beach. Bob Lehman knew he was in trouble when Adolf missed his eagle on #2 by three inches. When asked about his round Adolf said, " it was the round of my life ". When asked to comment about Lehman's round today , Adolf said, " I kept telling him to keep his head down !!". Adolf notified Lehman that he would be back in town in July to square things up. It is a sad day today for Lehman as he hit from sand trap to sand trap. It was a shame that Jeff Flax, family golf legend , could not be there to witness this historical event.

April, 21 2003       06:09:42 PM
Susan Adolf
Hi all. Once again we have shared another wonderful Passover at the Lehman house. We missed those of you who couldn't be with us this year and we hope that we will all be together next year. There was a fabulous article about Aunt Gladys and her Seder in the Jewish News. Everyone should read this and see how well the Cansino family and the Lehman seder are depicted. Hope all is well and everyone is ready for the spring and summer. Love to all, Susan

April, 14 2003       10:53:48 AM
Imanuel Cansino
soy imanuel cansino nacido en mexico vivo actualmente en israel. estudio en el col rabinico de jerusalem en midrash sefaradi, hase 3 anos tuve la oportunidad de vvisitar a mi tio emanuel cansino. en londres me enseno el libro de la familia y me dijo que susu hermanas viven en virginia . saludos y espero que este mensaje les llegue a ustedes para asi poder tener una comunicacion saludos imanuel

March, 10 2003       11:01:31 AM
Gladys Cansino Lehman
This message is in answer to Ann Tomlinson. Dear Ann I have written back to you on the E-Mail that you have listed on this web-site and it came back to me as undelivered because of faulty address. So I decided to go through this web-site. Yes dear cousin Ann, we are related and Uncle David was very much in my Dad's correspondence while he was alive. As a teen ager, I remember Uncle David and his dry humor that was my Mom's delight to tell this story. When he came to the USA he spent alot of time with my parents and one fine morning he came for lunch and in their conversation Uncle David asked my Mother where could he buy some brassieres for Aunt Lily and dhe suggested Sak's 5th Avenue and asked him a very simple question" What size cup would Lily take?" and Uncle David answered her in a very serious manner " A cup? Heavens NO! ....She's more like the sauccer." That stayed with the family for years as a joke when ever we ( as young girls) wanted to update our underwear. My answer to the sales ladies was always " A cup? is 34 sauccer." We really had a laugh or two Thanks to Uncle David. Now on the serious note, if you would check your E-mail for the correct address I will send you some information on our family and I would love to know more about your family your Mom and Dad, Husband and children and all about yourself. Please write back. Cousin Gladys

March, 05 2003       07:18:12 PM
Ann Tomlinson
Hello from Whitefield England I am David Cansino's grandaughter Ann. I am 47 and have a a son Martin 19 years old . I recently read your updated family history book (lent by Aslan Hamwee) it was bitter sweet as there were letters included from my grandpa David .I remember so well the blue airmail letters arriving at Grandma Lily's house in Lichfield Drive from great uncle Jack.I last saw Manuel Cansino @ about 3 years ago when he attended an evening at the Manchester Jewish Museam he was quite frail but he still managed to entertain the audience with his recollections.Well thats enough for a 1st visit to your message board., however I would love to hear from my American cousins please reply to

February, 09 2003       10:24:47 PM
Hi! I really want to get in-touch with you. Unfortunately you did'nt reply my letter. I want to hear from you. Thanks.

February, 03 2003       07:10:48 PM
John H. Wilson
I'm wondering if we're related. My grandfather was Paco(Francisco) Cansino, brother of Eduardo, Angel and Elisa Cansino ( the Spanish dancers).If you think we are drop me a line. Thanks

September, 18 2002       04:59:48 PM
Aunt GLADYS and Uncle ALFRED
Dear Lauren, How can we begin to compliment you for the splendid job you did, not only Friday night but Saturday all day. You looked, all over sudden, so grown up. When did that happen, sweetheart? You were so calm, you knew exactly what you needed to do, and you did it. You were surrounded by all your cousins and what a beautiful picture THAT was. I truly felt the presence of your dear Nanny sitting next to me. I was very emotional and YOU did that to me. Your Saturday night party was secondary to your Torah reading but WHAT A PARTY. Cudos to your sweet Mom. I know how very hard she worked for this week-end. She did a splendid work and she definitely gets the Hostess with the Mostess Medal. Paula, you thought of everything and didn't miss a beat. You are an A1 Lady. I only saw little Katherine Nicole once this past week-end. She was too busy being a butterfly. Of course my week-end was perfect because I had All my children and Grandchildren together for the entire week-end. What more could parents ask for? To have all the siblings and their children stay up until the wee hours of the night talking and not wanting to end the night. That's love, Baby! So let's have more occasions more happy occasions for the families to travel back to Richmond to be together. Let's plan for the next Cansino Reunion so's there won't be any other trip interfering with the reunion. I would like to thank Linda and Matt for inviting us to their home to break the fast after Yom Kippour and Minnie and Lewis for co-hostessting the dinner. And I would like to thank our Richard for being the keeper and the owner of the Cansino web-site. We Love You All GLADYS & ALFRED

September, 18 2002       04:25:12 PM
Aunt GLADYS and Uncle ALFRED

September, 17 2002       02:41:26 PM
Eric Flax
LAUREN'S BAT MITZVAH For all of the family who couldn't make it to Laurens big weekend, you missed an absolutely wonderful time. Lauren did an outstanding job on her haftorah and in leading the service Friday and Saturday. I am so proud of her,Scott, and Katherine, both of whom had parts in the service. Her party Saturday night was a huge success and all I've heard so far is how good the food was and the affair. I want to thank Aunt Gladys and Aunt Gloria for always being there for Lauren over the last 4 years since Mom passed away.You were always like 2nd Moms' to Jeff and I, and now your 2nd Nannies' to Lauren, Scott, and Katherine. I love you both. I will be posting pictures once they come back , so stay tuned. Love to you all Eric

September, 04 2002       06:48:29 AM
I hope everyone is looking forward to Laurens Bat Mitzvah the weekend of Sept. 13th,14th. It should be a good time and a great party. I look forward to seeing all the family and Lauren is very excited...See yall in 2 weeks

July, 30 2002       07:33:00 AM
Gladys Cansino Lehman
Congratulations to our son RICHARD. He has been honored by his Elementary private school as the " BEST ALUMNI @ THE TORAH ACADEMY or as it is now known as "The Rudlin Torah Academy" After Richard graduated from this school, he kept close contact with the faculty by being their computer teacher, doing volunteer work for them and by his monatery donations to the school. The Chesed award was a kosher dinner that served over 200 people that attended this function. Three awards were given that night and our Richard was one of those who had the honor of starting an alumni in this school. RICHARD, you have a beaurtiful soul, you are giving of yourself, you are truly a TZEDAKA person. We love you MOM & DAD

July, 30 2002       07:04:47 AM
Gladys Cansino Lehman
We want to congratulate our son ( the Doctor ) for receiving for the 2nd year the award for the BEST DOCTOR Award in the "10 Best doctors in the Hampton Road Magazine". Also for the 2002 award for the "FACULTY AWARD" and for the best "TEACHING AWARD IN THE MEDICAL SCHOOL, EVMS". Bob, we are so very very proud of you and we knew you were compassionate, very caring and loving, and those characters make for a good son and a super doctor. Keep up your splendid work. Love MOM

July, 17 2002       04:38:52 PM
Thank you Susan and Ronnie for the wonderful reunion at your house. It was great seeing most all of the families. Thank you for our shirts with the Cansino Reunion 2002 printed on it. I knew that you would do something like that, but I thought it was a cap. The shirts depicting each family by color was very clever. I hope all the great grand children ( all 21 of them ) enjoyed the flags that I made with the Cansino coat-of-arms. Each one took one home and the day was LOVELY. The food was great, my checker-board cake made it for the week-end affair and I hope you all enjoyed it Thanks to all of you that donated the food, the drinks, the picture taking and the music "jam-session" that we all enjoyed after dinner. That was alot of fun. Yes, thanks to my son Richard who brought his guitar and started the jam-session. We the Lehmans are proud to be in this Country and prouder to be in the CANSINO FAMILY. Love always to you all

July, 17 2002       04:25:22 PM
Gladys and Alferd LEHMAN
July 14th 2002 will be a day I will not forget for a long time, we had a CANSINO FAMILY REUNION at Susan and Ronnie Adolf @ VA. beach. The very first one since my Mom and Dad passed away.

June, 19 2002       05:50:45 AM
Stella Benson
Just wanted to wish Rich and Amybeth mazeltov on the birth of Ari. I am seeing my Dad, Manuel Cansino, this afternoon and I will tell him the news. I do so enjoy reading the news of my American family. I often think of you. I would love to hear from you, and meet with you if you ever come to the UK. Once again, many congratulations and love from Stella (Jack and Ruby Cansino were my great aunt and uncle)

June, 07 2002       06:51:43 AM
Gladys and Alfred Lehman
Now that my thoughts are collected, let me tell you how very proud we are of our children. First of all our new Baby's name was secretly saved from us, until the 8th day of his life, after he was circumcized. As grandparents, Joan Ruby, Alfred and I, were extremely pleased and proud of their choice of name for their new born baby boy. ARI CANSINO LEHMAN and his Hebrew name is AVRAHAM MENDEL. Please read Amybeth and Richard speech that they wrote about the origin of the name. Plans for a bris ceremony now rolled our minds and imagination of what to serve. As grandmothers, Joan and I put our heads together and came up with a wonderful dinner meal to serve at least 100 to 120 people. After all, we are now experienced on what to do, as this is our second at ' home bris party. We had a splendid time....we had a blessed day....we are truly a FAMILY.

June, 07 2002       06:17:20 AM
ARI'S Nanny and papa (aka Gladys and Alfred )
"MY CUP RUNNETH OVER" How do I begin to explain our feelings about our new sweet Baby Boy who is now named ARI CANSINO LEHMAN ?

June, 07 2002       05:51:41 AM
Bob Lehman
Ari is a beautiful boy. We had a very emotional, loving Bris this past week. Amy Beth and Richard are very lucky to have two great boys and a loving family to stand with them. My parents (Gladys and Alfred) did a stellar job in caring for AND FEEDING about 120 people (including kosher meals for the Rabbis-I counted 4). We extend our love to Ari-may you live a long, happy, healthy and loving life. Welcome to the family-we really ARE the chosen people. Bob

June, 06 2002       02:09:58 PM
Keith West
I just want to say that I heard that Aunt Amy Beth and Uncle Rich had a baby boy Ari. Congrats. I hope he is healthy and well love Keith West

June, 04 2002       05:48:46 PM
Susan Weiner Adolf
Just came from the most marvelous Bris. Our newest cousin is Ari Cansino Lehman and another blessing to the family. We are so lucky to have each other. The turn out at Aunt Gladys and Uncle Alfreds just shows the love for family. Mazel Tov to all and welcome to the world little Ari. Don't forget the family reunion at my house in Virginia Beach on Sunday July 14. See you all again soon. Love , Susan

March, 23 2002       08:21:17 AM
Nancy Newman
Well fam, a whole week has gone by and everyone has settled back into their daily routine. I hope everyone's trip back home was a pleasant and safe journey. We all appreciate the efforts you made to be with us for Brian's special weekend. We understand the tremendous amount of time that goes into a weekend full of travel and non-stop activities. We want to thank you from the depths of our hearts for being here for us. Hope you enjoyed as much as we did. The weekend meet all of MY expectations and more!!! The Cansino family is awesome...Brian did a magnificent job (I'm tooting my own horn) We are all very proud of you! So poised...all the time you put into the Bar Mitzvah was worth it all...You have given your parents alot of nachass..We love you. Mom

February, 14 2002       06:06:17 PM
Harris Flax
Hi everybody! I was checking out the website and decided to say hello. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in Florida for Brian's Bar Mitzvah!Miss ya! love, Harris

February, 14 2002       06:05:31 PM
Harris Flax
Hi everybody! I was checking out the website and decided to say hello. I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in Florida for Brian's Bar Mitzvah!Miss ya!

December, 15 2001       11:37:14 AM
Stella Benson (nee Cansino)
Just wanted to say hello to all my American family and to say we have all been thinking of you in America this last few months. Our thoughts have always been with you. Dad is fine - very frail and forgetful now - but coping. My brother Jonathan is in hospital at the moment - should be home soon. They are not too sure what is wrong - we think he just neglects himself. Dad goes to see him most days - has a lovely time talking spanish to the nurses and anyone else he can find. He always finds someone to talk to - he always has. Ruth, our eldest daughter has now started teachers training university - she wants to teach 3-8 year olds. She loves children. Vivi the youngest is waiting to hear from various universities, hoping they will offer her a place for next year to read Modern or international history with politics (she wants eventually to do journalism). Mark (my husband) is still working hard as I am (I work in doctor's surgery doing the admin side). Anyway just best wishes to all my family for the coming year. May it be a healthy and happy one. Love to hear from some of you.

November, 25 2001       08:47:57 AM
Becca Newman
Hey everyone, how are you? I'm really sorry that we missed the grand opening of Saxons, I was with you in spirit. I heard it was great!I just turned 16 in October, I had a big party, alot of my friends came! We all had fun, I wish you could of been there. I send my love and we will see you in January! Love you all! Schtay Vell unt Be Vell! < 3 BECCA

October, 27 2001       07:21:12 PM
Zack Held
Hi how are all you Virginians doing? Things are pretty good up here, the website looks great I can't believe what I have been missing down there in virginia sounds like alot of fun. I look forward to seeing you after the holidays miss you. Love, Zack

October, 07 2001       11:33:38 AM
Gladys Cansino Lehman
I was so proud of Uncle Alfred's very special birthday. Seventy five years ago, he was born on Yom Kippour day and his birthday in this year of 2001 his date fell on Yom Kippour Day How very proud I was to see him and Richard up on tje bema handing all the Temple's presidents the Torahs on Kol Nidre night. That's a sight that I wont forget. He has had that very special honor ever since he was Bar-Mitzvahed. His Father Max Lehman (of Blessed Memory) started this tradition. And after our sons were Bar-Mitzvah Dad Max gave that Honor to all my sons. Now we are looking forward to using that Temple's Alyah for our little Jacob and if any one of our Granson's are in Richmond for the High Holidays they too can have That Honor. Having said that, I will hasten to wish all of you a Happy Haealthy and a Peaceful Year. I would like to thank my Richard for taking such good care of the Cansino Web-Site It isn't easy to design an informative web site such as ours and keep up with everyone, but certainly every one of us Cansino's can get into the Web and get news forn the Family. There is a letter from Manual that is new and Stella Benson (Cousin Manuel's Daughter) leaves us with news Get used to going into the News and Communication with the Family. You All Stay Well and Be Well . Gladys

October, 07 2001       11:17:56 AM
Gladys Cansino Lehman
I was so proud of Uncle Alfred's very special birthday. Seventy five years ago, he was born on Yom Kippour day and his birthday in this year of 2001 his date fell on Yom Kippour Day.

September, 27 2001       02:59:30 PM
Kiki la biki ( Keith)
Hey was^ dudes. I in virginia beach haveing a great summer i went surfing and camp sea gulll and did everything you could a imagine. I had a great summer . and guess what Uncle Rich i went to see a UVA football game with my friend Greg Let's go hoos. and they won against Richmond. I am the starting Quarterback for my football team. And playing alot of golf. but i still couldnt beat Brian (Tiger) i am getting AAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++ in school it is easy. and i have the best teacher. I saw Uncle Rich, Aunt Amy Beth, and Babby Jacob. He is sooo cute. Whell cya g2g Love kiki(Keith) P.S Clint Says high

July, 09 2001       01:29:34 AM
unknown cansino
Soon i will reveal my identity ...ha ha ha !!!

June, 08 2001       01:30:08 PM
Matt West
Hey family i jist made a web site the adress is http:///H|/KIDSWORK/Moorefield/Bell 7/matt w_ jellyfish.htm. It is so cool so come and see it. Love- Matt

May, 23 2001       12:27:56 PM
Manuel Cansino
Hello Cansino family I don't have a computer - let alone an e-mail address - so if you have any messages - can you send them via my daughter Stella. I am fine - getting older - but still keep going. I like this idea of instant access to you all and look forward to hearing from you - I don't get out so much now so would love to hear from you. The world seems very small with this idea of e-mail - Stella has tried to explain it to me - but I couldn't begin to use it. Keep writing. Love Manuel

April, 12 2001       03:10:55 PM
Stella Benson
Just a quick question - how do I go about getting for my e-mail address? Love again to you all Stella

April, 12 2001       03:08:46 PM
Stella Benson
I just wanted to say hello to all my cousins in America - I am Manuel Cansino's daughter. I live in Hove in East Sussex (next to Brighton)Lewis Jnr has visited us for Dad's 80th birthday - nearly 7 years ago. I am married to Mark and we have two daughters - Ruth who is 18 (19 in July) and Vivi who was 17 yesterday. I just decided to search the name Cansino - and I found your web site. I really would love to hear from some or all of you. It would be great to keep in touch with you all. I have such fond memories of my visit to Richmond nearly 35 years ago!! - goodness what an age!! You were all so kind to me (at least those that were born by then) - there are so many more now - it is lovely to see. I would love some more news to tell Dad - he is well but very frail - finds walking difficult now. He still lives in his flat - he finds it hard but wants to stay. Anyway I will tell him tomorrow that I have found you all. I think this is really wonderful. I look forward to hearing from you. My fondest love to you all. Stella

March, 25 2001       04:31:59 PM
Rebecca and Ryan
It's been a while since I've written, acctually, it's been a while since anyone has written anything! For those who are wondering, Ryan is my boyfriend. The Newman family's monitor has gone flatlined. So, that's why my boyfriend Ryan is writing. I can't wait to see everyone at Passover. I'm counting down the weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds! I just wanted everyone to know that i got the job at a local summer camp here in Jax, I'm on pool staff, and the pay aint that shabby either. Stay vell ant be vell. Kiss kiss, see ya'll l8a! Rebecca and Ryan

December, 05 2000       10:45:36 AM
Alberto from Madrid ( Spain )
I type random this url, and arrive to this site. Then I think: Why don't write them a messagge? I must improve my fluency in English, i know ;D .I speak spanish and, how you see, a little of english ;D I like your family page ^o^

November, 13 2000       12:44:05 PM
Alfred and Gladys Lehman
O.K. so call me "cyber-challenged" I pressed the GuestlistTWICE.....Twice I pressed it and the computer did not explode. Back to my Grandson's Bar-Mitzvah. First I must compliment my son Bob on the fabulous week-end of Nov. 4th 2000. A milestone for Michael as he was a THE MAN Michael, You took over like a pro. Your service was done very well. You looked very handsome and quite grown up. Your speech was deliberate, well written and when you began to thank everyone you made sure that you turned towards them and spoke directly to them. When you thanked Papa and I you looked straight at us and I felt like going up to the Bema to give you one of my huggs and kisses. Your Tallis was made with so much love as you are the First Cansino Male born in our Lehman Family.

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