Family Tree

Click on a communication link to keep in touch with your family.  I have included the various ways to keep in touch via the internet etc.  Try all of them, each one has a different feel to it.

E-Mail is one of the best methods of communication available today!  You can send someone a quick message and forget about it.  Then a day or so later, you get a response.  You can send out jokes, announcements, even audio and video if you get sophisticated enough!  Go to the email section to receive a list of all Cansino family members, Cansino email addresses.

Links are used to connect you to different web pages.  Our links page connects you to Cansino related web pages.  If you have a web page, you can post pictures of your family, ideas on philosophy, or anything that your imagination may yield the creativity to present.  We have compiled the list of Cansino related web links on our links page.  Check it out!

AOL Instant Messenger is a program developed by America Online that allows people to stay in touch with each other while they are online by sending "real time" typed messages back and forth between two or more people.   If you have America Online, then you do not need to download Instant Messenger, you already have the capability within the AOL software.  If you do not have AOL, then download the Instant Messenger software and install it on your computer and take advantage of the same features that all AOL users have.  On the Instant Messenger page, you will also find all of the AOL Instant Messenger screen names to add to your buddy list!

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