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AUNT EVIE On April 14th, 1998 the Cansino family suffered a huge loss when Evie Flax passed away.  She was dear to the entire family as well as for the many friends of the family.  As they say, "to know her is to love her" definitely applied to Evie.  She was loved by everyone she knew and she touched many lives in a very special way.  Her life and spirit will always be with each and everyone of us.


E is for everything she did for us. 
V is for the very creative art she did. 
I is for I!!!! Love You 
E is for an excellent grandma she was 

F is for favorite person on earth 
L is for loving 
A is for always being there for us 
X is for an Xtra special person 

By Lauren and Jeremy Flax

It's been 3 weeks dear Evie since G-d took you away from us and my heart aches to hear your voice over the phone. I dialed your telephone number everyday of my life. We were so close ever since we introduced you to your Dicky 45 years ago.  Our husbands played golf every week-end for all of our married days.  We shared a lot of happy girl talk. We met at the movies and restaurants We went to the theater together.  We had every summer at the club sunning ourselves, and much later on we would take care of our Grandchildren together. Oh how you loved that sun!  We compared our boys as they were growing up  to their height, their weight, their schooling, their likes and dislikes.  We grew up together in everyway. We became not only sisters, by 15 months apart, but we became best friends.

I remember the first time that I ever changed your mind.....You came down from New York to pick me up in the yellow Oldsmobile to go to Florida for a vacation together.  I was in Richmond taking care of Lewis Jr. as Minnie gave birth to Lloyd, and Mom sent me to Va. to help out at the Held's house.  They introduced me to Alfred and by the time you came to Richmond all primed ready to have a great time in Miami, I fell in love.  I begged you to stay in Richmond and you were very upset that I would be ruining your vacation.  That night we introduced you to Dicky and you liked what you saw, and from that night on we stayed in Richmond instead of driving to Miami, and it was the beginning of a beautiful life.  Thank you my darling sister for being my best friend.  You have taught me to accept life as is, even until your last days when we were talking and I begged you to take good care of yourself as my Richard got engaged and I told you that I needed you at the wedding.  You kept telling me not to count on you.  And you were right.  G-d took you and now I must face everyday without dialing 6617.  You will always be in my thoughts. I love you.
Aunt Gladys

Mom was the most kind generous, loving person.  She always had a smile and a kind word for everybody.  She will be with each one of us forever.  I will always love and remember her.  She touched all our hearts in more ways than can be put to words.
Eric Flax
There will only be on Auntie Evie.  Some one who’s #1 concern to always make sure that others were happy, never wanting any attention or thanks – Never.  That’s why she will be the only Auntie Evie.
Gary Weiner
Aunt Evie will always be remembered for her kindness and generosity.  She never spoke ill of anyone and she showed genuine interest in and compassion for others.  I will always remember Aunt Evie for her smile and cheerful disposition.  She never said a cross word to me (which speaks more for Aunt Evie than about me).  My Aunt Evie is a Woman of Valor and her memory will invoke only the highest of respect, honor & love.  I miss you Aunt Evie.  G-d Bless You. 
Lo Lehman 
Auntie Evie was my other mother, my confidant, my mentor and always allowed me “2 questions” (private joke).  Everyone has said so many beautiful things about her, all true by the way.  But one thing that I tell people when referring to her is… Everyone needs an Auntie Evie in their life.  You are sorely missed.  I Love You, your Thoo. 
Susan Adolf 
Evie was an excellent person and I miss her very much.  I will not forget her.  She was a person who was so honest and a person you could tell anything.  I will always be in her heart. And she will be in mine. 
Lauren Flax 
Aunt Evie was on of those rare people no one could say anything bad about.  She was always caring, always jovial, always thinking of, and doing for everyone else.  She never forgot anyone’s birthday.  Sisters will be sisters and disagree.  Not Aunt Evie.  She was the peace keeper.  She was the glue that held the family together.  She will never be forgotten and will be sorely missed. 
Linda Wren 
Evie was not only my aunt but also my godmother.  Now, by a quirk of fate, she has died on my birthday. For me, April 14th will forever be mixed with joy and sadness, birth and death, love and loss.  Evie's  laugh, like springtime itself, could melt an icy mood, and her smile could brighten a dark day. I will miss her laugh and her smile and her gentleness and her kindness and her love. I am told that when I was a baby, Evie and my other aunts used to delight in holding me because I was the first child born to any of the Cansino sisters.  Now, and forevermore, I will cradle Evie in my heart. She will inspire me to try to look for happiness even when I may not feel happy at all. Like today.
Lewis Held Jr.
Without Aunt Evie around, no longer will the Cansino family be complete.  She was always the most cheerful and delightful woman.  I guess my mom gets the hot pink lipstick from her.  I will always love her and miss her.  Heaven is so lucky to have her now.  Love Robin 
Robin Adolf 
Auntie Evie – I have been honored to be your nephew.  I could always say – “Evie Flax is my aunt” and would know that the person that I was talking with would smile and tell me how lucky I am to be related too you.  Yes -  you were a gift to us – a bright star – ALWAYS.  I’ll always miss your wonderful laugh, your warm embrace, your beautiful smile and the love you gave us all.  I love you. Bob 
Bob Lehman 
Evie, when it comes to sisters, you are the best.  You were my rock when I needed you the most.  How lucky I was that we lived next door to each other.  You looked after me as if I were your child, as if I was still 16.  No one can ever take your place.  I will miss you so much. I will always keep you in my heart.  I love you. 
Aunt Gloria 
She was a really great, great aunt to me.  She had us over for dinner when my dad wanted.  She was always nice to everybody.  I will miss her a lot. 
Cory Weiner 
Nanny was a kind considerate, and generous lady.  I’ll always remember how she greeted me at thee door.  She gave me a hug and more than many kisses.  Then she let us go and rest in the den.  I’ll always remember that.  Nanny will always be within our hearts and we’ll never let her go out of our souls.  She was a one of a kind grandma. 
Harris Flax 
I’ll miss her dearly – her cute little laugh and smile from cheek to cheek.  She was so ticklish and she just brightened everyone’s day.  I loved always seeing her and she was SO GREAT.  I will mess her a lot!  I love her very much. 
Amanda Weiner 
Auntie Evie is the sweetest, most caring and ticklish lady that I know.  Please notice that I have said everything about her in present tense, because Evie still lives on in my heart, as she will in everyone’s forever. 
Evan Weiner 
As the newest member of the family, I had the honor of being in her company a few times.  Those occasions were very special.  She made me feel so special.  After Rich’s surprise birthday party, Auntie Evie wrote me a lovely thank you not the week she went into the hospital.  The letter exemplified her life as a kind considerate, and loving individual.  I am fortunate to have know her an share her joy of life. 
Amy Beth Lehman
Katherine Nicole Flax 
We miss you very much.  We all love you. 
Mona Flax 
Words will never be adequate to express all of my feelings for mom.  All of these other heartfelt tributes include my thoughts and feelings.  Mom through her entire life always put Dad, Eric and I first in her life.  That is why we loved her, honored her and respected her.  No mother could do more.  She will be with me everyday in all things that I do. 
Jeff Flax 
Without Evelyn C. Flax, the world stopped spinning.  And without her our lives are not complete. 
Jeremy Flax 
We will miss you, you are loved forever. 
Arthur Adams
There is no word in the world that can describe everything that she has done. 
Scott Flax 
My Aunt Evie was the sweetest, most lovable aunt that I could ever ask for.  She was someone I could always go to and talk to and be loved by.  I will miss her very much. 
Rich Lehman
Mom/Evie was such a special person in my life and the lives of my children.  She was the most selfless person I ever knew.  She made such loving contributions to the world the time she was on earth. 
Paula Flax 
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