Cansino Family Reunion 2002

Family Tree

Cansino Family Reunion - July 14th, 2002

Thank you Susan for taking/sending the pictures!

The Cansinos!

Let's get the show on the road

A first for everything.

Are you OK?
Jason, not Ari.

The Grillmaster

Jacob's first Gymnastic 
lesson from cousin Keith

The Lehmans

Classic Uncle Dicky

The Helds

The Dama-Cleaner!!!

Everyone's relaxed

Candle-lighting Cousins

Cansino women

Cansino girls :-)

Cansino Ladies!

Cansino guys

Cansino uncles

Fun times

The Lehmans

Isn't this family awesome!

Gladys & Leslie cuddle up!

The Weiner gals - Great pic!

Uncle Gary says - "Smile"

Jason, how 'bout a smile!? ;-)

Where are YOU going?

Cansino potential?

Grab a little sun...

Grab a little sleep!

Good lookin' couple!

The shirts, ready for us.

The Adolfs

Beth & Mona

Eating and talking

Random shot - nice pose Matt!

Linda, Alec & Susan

Robin, Nancy & Leslie

Jeff & Gary

Mona & Beth...Again!

Harris, Lauren & Keith

Catherine Nicole

Gloria & Arthur

Michael, Matthew, Keith & Jason

The Cansino Ladies
...again ...classy!

Nanny & Jacob

Wake up Ari you're 
missing the food!!!!

They are so good with Jacob! :-)

Shots!  Wait, check that ID!

The Lehmans
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