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Jacob - 18 Months

Jacob Lehman at One and a half years
Jacob's Year and
a Half Photo

So maybe you are wondering what is new?  Well, let me fill you in!

Jacob started walking about two weeks ago when we took our trip to New York City and Long Island.  We really took him through a lot.  He saw all kinds of action.  Unbelievably tall buildings, the view from the Empire State Building, Ground Zero, Time Square, and lots of others, and all before the age of two!

He was great during the trip.  He barely complained and we kept him up past his normal bedtime of 8:30pm to almost 11pm every night.  During the days, we would be out walking the city and we wouldn't have time to get back to the hotel in time for a nap, so he would just snooze for an hour or so in the carriage.  He is a great traveler!

Daddy and Jacob at FAO Schwartz
Daddy and Jacob
at FAO Schwartz

Of course we went to FAO Schwartz.  How can you go to NYC with a child and not go for a visit.  At first when we walked in, I thought we would be in and out.  The first floor only had teddy bears and other "kiddy" toys.   However, it wasn't until we hit the other floors when I realized how I am really just an oversized kid!  They have EVERYTHING!  Remote controlled Hummers, Legos galore, and even Simpson's Monopoly.  I was hooked on being a kid again!  We ended up spending the better part of two hours there and we bought a few things for Jacob.   I was seriously eyeballing the remote controlled Hum-V, but they had run out of the camouflage version, so I was able to talk myself out of it before finalizing the "Impulse" buy!

Mommy and Jacob in Time Square
Mommy and Jacob
in Time Square

After we saw all of the sites in NYC, we went to Huntington in Long Island were we spent Thanksgiving with our cousins Joan and Nate Newman and family.  What a wonderful time!  Terry Newman and Steve Bleiberg's children, Ben, Katie and Ellie were wonderful to Jacob.  We stayed only two days. Even though the days flew by, we packed in some much needed family and catching up time that was long overdue. 

Jacob Lehman at One and a half years
Katie and Jacob

Katie did an unbelievable job baby sitting Jacob as she took him under her wing and watched his every move while Mom and Dad were enjoying the company of the Newman family. 

Since the walking began, we have noticed that his development has increased at a faster pace.  He repeats almost everything that he hears, and sometimes at the funniest times and places.  One of his favorite words is "Pepsi" although he pronounces it "Pepe" - very cute!

His speech is increasing and his technical abilities are increasing as well.  Yes, I did say technical abilities!  He is dialing phones, turning on and off our clock radio, and screwing tops onto... .... none other than Diet "Pepe" bottles.

Mommy, Daddy and Jacob
Mommy, Daddy and Jacob

For those of you who have not seen him in a while, next time, you will will see some dramatic changes.  He is growing up too fast for Mommy and Daddy, but with another one on the way, (by the way, Amy Beth is due on May 21st 2002) I suppose its best to let nature take it's course!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read about Jacob's exploits.   We will keep you posted as the developments occur.  Please feel free to drop Jacob an email (by clicking here) and we will make sure that we read the email to Jacob.


All Pictures taken between
October & November 2001

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Daddy and Jacob at Carter's Mountain
Daddy and Jacob
at Carter's Mountain
Jacob at a year and a half
Jacob at a year and a half
Mommy and Daddy love New York... ... and each other!
Mommy and Daddy love New York...
... and each other!
Jacob at Carter's Mountain
Jacob at Carter's Mountain
Jacob at a year and a half
Jacob at a year and a half
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