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Ari Cansino Lehman

Born May 28th, 2002, 10:39am
St. Mary's Hospital, Richmond, Virginia
5 lbs 6 oz, 19 inches long
Its a Boy, and another bundle of joy!!!
Mommy and Baby are doing great!!!


All Pictures taken on
May 28th 2000

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Pregnant! Taken the night before.

That's our Ari!!!

Daddy cutting the umbilical cord.

Moments (less than a minute) after birth!

Moments (less than a minute) after birth!

The nurses are cleaning Ari up.

Ari takes his first pose!

Wait a minute, I'm not ready yet!

Somebody turn the heat back on!

Happy parents!

Proud parents.

Mommy and Ari.

Snuggled up and ready to go!

Nanny CLEARLY guessing "Girl"

"It's a boy!"
Nanny is shocked!

Mema and Ari for the first time!

Nanny and Ari for the first time!

Hey Mom look at me!

Jacob, meet your baby brother.

Uncle Lo's first impression of Ari.

Papa's first impression of Ari.

Papa just adores that little cry!
Lee Ann's first impression of Ari.


Ari Cansino Lehman
Origin of Ari's name

The 5th commandment tells us to "honor your father and your mother." We could not think of a better honor than that of naming our second son "Ari Cansino Lehman." Ariís Hebrew name is "Avraham Mendel."

The name "Ari" is after Amy Beth's father Arlin Ruby who passed away this January. Ariís Hebrew first name "Avraham" also comes from Arlin's Hebrew name and means "father of many nations." Although Arlin and Ari would never meet, we can already tell that Ari has many of Arlinís traits. Arlin was a superior listener and thinker. Ari puts his hands on his chin and absorbs all of the sights and sounds around him, and at least looks like he is deep in thought. Arlin never complained and neither does Ari except when he is hungry or has a full diaper!  :-)

Arlin Rubyís love for life, people and his family will live on in Ari as he grows and matures into a fine young man. We will always tell him about his "Bepa" and how you cannot spell Arlin without Ari.

The name Cansino is Gladys' (Rich's mother) maiden name. Our family history has been traced back to the Spanish inquisition and is rich with tradition that not only has lasted hundreds of years, but has included community leaders and dignitaries, but most importantly, Rich's grandparents Ruby and Jack Cansino.

When they came to America in 1940 from Casablanca to escape the nazis, they brought with them four young beautiful daughters, one of them being Gladys.

This family which very narrowly escaped the Holocaust now has 11 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. It has been a tradition to carry on the name "Cansino" as the middle name of many in the family. Like his cousins Lloyd, Jeff, Harris, Brian and his uncle Lo, Ari will also carry on this great family tradition.

Although Rich's grandfather (on his father's side) Max Lehman passed away when Rich was a young child, his influence has been felt in Rich's his entire life, in the way that Rich's father (Alfred) has raised him. Avrahamís middle name Mendel is after Ari's great-grandfather Max Lehman who, though a quiet man and from the old school (and country) always treated people ethically with dignity, respect and love.

It is our prayer as parents that Ari Cansino, Avraham Mendel, carries on the traditions of those who came before him, and becomes a mensch, a gentleman and an upright person, of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and kindness.

Ari may your life be filled with happiness, health and prosperity!

- Your mommy and daddy

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