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Jacob - 1 Year

Jacob just turned one year old on May 25th, 2001.  He is still full of smiles and laughs, all you have to do is look at him, and he'll send one your way.

Jacob is crawling all over the place and even crawling up stairs - multiple flights!  Ask us and we can tell you a scary tale about that, I guess its just part of learning to be a parent. 

Right now, Jacob is talking all the time, coming up with great new words everyday, like anica-boo-boo, and slufba-dupee.  Pretty soon his words will sound more like the English language, but until then, we are getting a great education in Jacobese!

Although you can't see it on the picture here, he now has four teeth on the top and four teeth on the bottom, and is starting to eat real food.  We consider a successful meal, one that has less than 50% of the food on the floor after feeding!   Seriously, he is beginning to chew up solid food and that is a great start.

If you want to send an email to Jacob, click here.  It may be a few years before he reads it, but its the thought that counts!


All Pictures taken between
April & May 2001

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Future drummer?  
Where in the world 
does he get that from?

Lancelot, Guinevere, and the court Jester.

The master "crawler"

And "smiler"

I believe we had 
a little too much fun 
at the Purim Party!

Jacob showing off 
his flying skills...

And his singing skills

Jacob with his cousin Mike

"These big kahoona 
sunglasses always in the way!"

"Give us a smile kid-o!  
Hurry up and take the picture Mom!"

Jacob with cousins 
Alvin and Marilyn
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