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First, lets get things into proportion. The little yellow part there on this map is Israel. The shaded brown sections are Arab countries. The other day I heard that the Moslems are the underdog in the region.

You must be kidding.

What has Israel given back already? Israel gave the Sinai back to Egypt at the Camp David accords. The Sinai is the large tan colored area on the map below. You can see it was well over half of the entire country of Israel.

Now they are asking Israel to give up more. The Moslems now want the West Bank and Gaza. (They are the brown areas I framed below) This is nearly half of what the Jews had left after what they gave to Egypt

If Israel gave the West Bank and Gaza to the Muslims do you see how easy it would be for the Muslims to cut the country in two parts separating northern Israel from the people in the south of Israel?


How big did you say Israel is?

You can fit more then 3 Israels into California!

The Moslems have more tanks, aircraft, and more armed forces then Israel. Look at these statistics below. Who's the underdog again?

What do you mean they want even more? Yes, that's right they also want the Golan Heights. It's the area framed in red

Now lets block out what the Moslems have taken from Israel and what they are now asking for so we can see how much that is exactly

So there you have it. Now you understand the problem. It's not as complicated as they say it is really. Would it be hard if this was a problem in the U.S.A.? What would that look like?


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