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From a Muslim

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Its too bad about whats happening in the Holy Land. I dont care anymore about who is to blame and what can be done, lets just leave all the incompetent extremists of both sides to debate that.

However, I am distressed that this recent conflict has caused such a sharp decrease in tourism. I had the blessed opportunity to go to Israel last year. Just in case you dont already know, I am a Muslim and this was a profound spiritual journey for me.

As part of my "Holy Land Trek" I visited Mecca and Medina and stopped over in Egypt for a few days. From there I took a bus to the Rafah border and began my stay in Jerusalem. Anyone who has gone to Jerusalem knows the effect it has on a subscriber of Abrahamic Monotheism. It was simply amazing. I even rated Israel "best tourist spot" but then again I had already been to Mecca and Medina once before (needless to say it
won the award that time).

I especially love having a Canadian passport (well then again so does the Mossad). I had the blessed opportunity to watch activities at the Wailing Wall, being a Muslim in traditional garb I was a bit nervous but no one said anything.

Visiting the Yad Vashem was also a monumental event for me. The elderly Jewish ticket-taker was eyeing me quite nervously (probably wondering what the hell I was doing there). I explained to him that I had come from far away to see this shrine of the innocents and with a nod of his head and gesture of his hand, my wife and I went in.

It was difficult for me to continue through, because I knew what was inside. I did my best to hold back tears but I failed miserably.

I also had the chance to make the trek up to Masada, following the VERY steep stone-staircase. As I watched the sunrise from the peak of the fort, I was struck with the awesome site of a vast Judean wilderness, the plains where Prophets walked. I sat in a moment of silence for the Jewish people of Masada considering the decision they HAD to make.

As I descended the countless steps of stone, a field trip of young Jewish schoolchildren made their way up. I will never forget the young brown eyed darling you looked at me with a toothy grin and said: "Peace" while giving me the peace sign. Naturally I obliged in a similar fashion.

I am not posting this to gain favour amongst people, nor to show how Jewish-friendly I am. The ONLY purpose is to convey that not all Muslims are wackos like the exteremists who make headlines. I am an Orthodox Muslim (complete garb, beard, the works) lest people suggest I am not a "real" Muslim.

TRUE Muslims do not want to push the Jewish people into the sea. The Quran does NOT teach this at ALL. Yes, there are issues between us, but I dont care what ANYONE says, there is no justification for what has transpired on BOTH sides.

Truly it is sad that the "City of Peace" is now in PIECES. I can only pray that we set things right and get tourism back on track. Otherwise, the Yad Vashem and MASADA will remain empty and the valour of those devout people will be lost in the echoes of the vast Judean wilderness.


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